Respect - Financial Slavery Single Artwo

Respect takes you on another musical Journey with Financial Slavery as the song has a positive outflow of energy with live instruments with unique sounds. Respect studio performance is sure to get you excited as he breaks down his thoughts of Financial Puppet Masters burdening todays society with constant bills and taxes which makes you wonder if you are really Free. Financial Slavery is sure to get your buzz going as the horns man sounds like Dizzy Gillespie's standing next to Respect. The song has a smooth modern day jazz effect to it along with a slight touch of Roots Reggae Dub feel. The Background singers are also great as they provide strong support for the track which sounds absolutely wonderful.

Respect is a reggae artist known for his conscious, positive and up-beat messages in his songs. Keeping with the conscious culture tradition started by reggae music in the 1960s Respect makes songs about social and political subjects and has a current album titled, “Scorned”. Born Keithroy Mason on the island of Antigua and growing up hearing varying sounds such as calypso, soca, steel drum, and of course, reggae Respect knows his music and he knows his audience and enjoys creating uplifting music to uplift the fans and the masses.