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Respect is a reggae artist known for his conscious, positive and up-beat messages in his songs. Keeping with the conscious culture tradition started by reggae music in the 1960s Respect makes songs about social and political subjects and has a current album titled, “Scorned”. Born Keithroy Mason on the island of Antigua and growing up hearing varying sounds such as calypso, soca, steel drum, and of course, reggae Respect knows his music and he knows his audience and enjoys creating uplifting music to uplift the fans and the masses.


Being in the industry for over 15 years and starting out in an American hip-hop group “Mud Faces” in Bronx, New York Respect has propelled his career and geared his talent as a solo artist more towards reggae music, traveling the world and promoting his music in cultural and reggae venues spreading political and social awareness to the world. Influenced by reggae artists such as Tiger, Yellow Man, Gregory Isaacs, Peter Tosh and Buju Banton for their positive messages that help to elevate plus encourage their audience to be more aware and mindful through reggae music.


Respect got his moniker from mimicking Tiger when he would say, ‘Nuff Respect’ and would repeat the saying to his friends. They found the ideal name for the burgeoning reggae artist with the lyrical consciousness he was bringing, everything just fell into place. Singing lyrics about political education and awareness; message music, music that speaks volumes to the current climate and helps bring closure and enlightenment to ones’ life.


Respect doesn’t only talk the talk but walks the walk when it comes to giving back and helping to build a better community. Not a fan of inequality, poverty, or anyone treating humans unjust, Respect has given funds personally to entrepreneurs’ to help build up their communities and volunteered his time to making the world a better place. He believes that through education and learning you can help to achieve the goals you set out for as long as you are willing to put in some work.


Producing several reggae albums and distributed them through his record label Respectreggae, LLC with the most dominate and successful albums entitled, “Take A Stand” and “Scorned” which continue to sell increasing well. Respect music can be found iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music Store, Amazon, iHeartRadio.

For more information visit and for booking contact email

"Nuff Respect"

                                                             - Tiger

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